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Below are a handful of videos that have made big bucks for their creators: Natalie Tran. Top 3 YouTube SEO Tips : Get More Views! by Jason Coffee at SteamFeed. Meta Box Include Exclude Show/hide meta boxes by ID, page template, taxonomy or custom function. Cisco, uses Lua to implement Dynamic Access Policies within the Adaptive Security Appliance.

Shay has parlayed comedy shorts into an online mini empire, in a journey that anyone looking to hit it big on YouTube can certainly admire. Wrox Press. ISBN 0-470-06917-1. Figueiredo, L. H.; Celes, W.; Ierusalimschy, R., eds. (2008). Lua Programming Gems. Top 10 YouTube Success Stories by TerrekTwo. A feature on 10 YouTube stars who can give any aspiring videomaker hope. The most popular YouTube channel in Mexico, werevertumorro started as a joke but grew into a wildly popular show (a common component in many YouTube success stories). The episodes, which are generally about 10 minutes long, feature young guys talking about relationships, girls, and more. His channel has accumulated over 2.2 billion views and 7 million subscribers. Improvement: No need to json_encode for custom attributes.
That has reportedly translated into more than $100,000 in earnings for the parents–enough to pay for a college education on top of the dentist bill. Installation Unzip the download package Upload meta-box to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress To getting started with the plugin API, please read this tutorial. Support cloning (repeatable) fields for most field types, including WYSIWYG/editor field. But what I discovered is that this original file name, which I maintained in a local variable, actually gets corrupted. Fix: Escape value for cloneable fields Fix: Notice for missing parameters for rwmb_meta field for map 4.5.2 Improvement: Add Persian (Farsi) language. The plugin is built mostly for developers with a little coding, but if you prefer GUI for faster creating custom post types, meta boxes and custom fields, the plugin has extensions for that: MB Custom Post Type and Meta Box Builder.

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