Инструкция к видеорегистратору 1004 z

инструкция к видеорегистратору 1004 z
When you have selected one menu item, left click the mouse click to view menu content. Camera masking interface is shown as in Figure Tips: You can enable preset/tour/pattern activation operation when video loss occurs. Network input is not effective in HD- DVR-1004, HD-DVR-1008 and HD-DVR-1016. • Type: Normally open or normally closed.

Alarm: In the selected time, the device will record when there is alarm input. MD & Alarm: In the selected time, the device will record when MD happens and at the same time there’s alarm input. Due to high impedance of audio input, please use active sound pick-up. Page 115 Honeywell Figure 5-42 The Shutdown Menu… Page 116: Network Connection, Login, Web Client Operation • • • Login Open IE and input DVR address in the address column. Оборудование принимается в чистом виде с указанием: дефектов и условий их проявления; комплектность оборудования; контактное лицо с номером контактного телефона. Page 105: Tv Adjust, Text Overlay Protocol: Please select from the dropdown list. See Figure 2-2 The Rear Panel of HD-DVR-1004 Figure 2-3 The Rear Panel of HD-DVR-1008 Figure 2-4 The Rear Panel of HD-DVR-1016 To connect USB storage device, USB mouse.

Page 108 Understanding of Menu Operations and Controls Figure 5-34 ATM/POS Click Data button you can see an interface is shown in Figure 5-35. Here you can set offset value, length, title according to your communication protocol and data package. Record Record control interface is shown in Honeywell Figure 6-45. Page 156 Web Client Operation Figure 6-45 The Record Control Menu Please refer to the following chart for detailed information. Honeywell… Page 98: Advanced Understanding of Menu Operations and Controls Figure 5-23 The Default Setup Menu Advanced Select Advanced on the main window and the interface is shown as follows. alarm output, abnormity, manual record, account, auto maintenance, and TV adjust.

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