Инструкция texet t690

инструкция texet t690
Note: All partial page changes or additions to a page are highlighted by a double line in the margin. Claims submitted after 90 days may be processed as Out of Warranty, at Apple’s discretion. Lithium batteries must be disposed of as hazardous waste. Resellers shall maintain at each authorized location, at all times, a sufficient number of qualified Service technicians. Upon Technical Operation’s approval, Customer Support will provide you with the RMA number. If an Inoperable product has transferred ownership to an end user, the repair may be covered under Apple’s standard Limited Warranty. In this situation, contact the Apple Technical Operations group. Please refer to one of the Apple Technical Procedures manuals for complete ESD prevention rules and how to set up an ESD-safe workstation.

Sales tax may be entered, when applicable. • Labor costs: Determine your cost of labor and enter it in the Labor section. • Travel costs: Determine your cost of travel and enter it in the Travel section. Creating An AppleOrder Service Repair Order AppleOrder is Apple’s preferred method for doing business with Apple. Service for Non-Apple Products 5/15/90 Page 2.12.3 The Hitachi Color Monitor is covered by a two-year manufacturer warranty on parts. Possible explanations are: 1) improper alignment of the pin connector on the disk interface cable, and 2) boards or cards that were connected or disconnected with the power on. This foundation course includes prerequisite training material that teaches the skills necessary to identify, set up, and operate Macintosh CPUs and their associated Apple peripheral products.

This includes repairs made by Authorized Apple Service Providers, as well as those made by the Apple Central Product Repair Center. The nature of the controlled access provided was based upon a relationship between the two distinct groups of users. However, whether or not such inclusion is justified is a matter of judgment on a substantive issue rather than a question of non-observance of procedural rules. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights that vary from state to state. The charger allows user to set the charge/discharge end voltage. Invalid Claims 1. Warranty and AppleCare Service claims will not be honored if: a A whole product is sent to Apple, without pre- authorization from Service Technical Support, when a module-level repair program exists for the product.

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