Sony cdx-m730 инструкция русский

sony cdx-m730 инструкция русский
Messages LCL Seek +/– The Local Seek mode is on during automatic tuning (page 14). NO AF There is no alternative frequency for the current station. Occasionally the unit will bind up if the screws are tightened too tightly. Find information and receive instant notifications about your product. For example, one of the following will be displayed upon receiving a station with RDS capability.

You can find the dealers in your area by visiting our website at The dealer may not be able to free the cartridge and may need to send the unit in to our Repair Department. Warning Never use a fuse with an amperage rating exceeding the one supplied with the unit as this could damage the unit. Page 8: Resetting The Unit, Detaching The Front Panel Getting Started Resetting the unit Before operating the unit for the first time, or after replacing the car battery or changing the connections, you must reset the unit. Press (SOUND) for 2 seconds while pushing the VOL control. Page 15: Storing Only The Desired Stations, List-up Storing only the desired stations You can manually preset the desired stations on any chosen number button.

To facillitate ease of locating your model, you can use the drop down menus below to navigate our current inventory of Sony service manuals. The station is non-TP or has weak signal. t Press (AF) or (TA) repeatedly until “AF off”… Page 31 If these solutions do not help improve the situation, consult your nearest Sony dealer. Your model may return multiple results, some of which may contain only the parts list. Page 21: Adjusting The Sound Characteristics Changing the operative direction The operative direction of controls is factory-set as shown below. To increase To decrease If you need to mount the rotary commander on the right hand side of the steering column, you can reverse the operative direction.

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