Инструкция sony trinitron kv

инструкция sony trinitron kv
See page 24 for additional audio setup instructions. The KV 1723 model, (not shown) a variation, had slightly different cosmetics, being light gray trim instead of black, brown handle inserts instead of black and the “Econoquick” feature. Page 35: Using The Video Menu Using the Video To access the Video menu, refer to the following steps: To display Video Mode: Vivid Picture Brightness Color Sharpness Color Temp: Cool VM: High Move Mode Vivid: Select for enhanced picture contrast and sharpness. Contents FD Trinitron CRT variants[edit] There were four primary variants of the FD Trinitron as used in televisions.

Two glass panels sandwich 212 horizontal cathodes and 282 vertical anodes forming over 60,000 pixels. A gas mixture fills the gap between electrodes and when current is applied, the gas emits ultraviolet light making the vertical rows of red, green and blue phosphors glow. This is not a distinction of the tube itself; this capability is a function of the display circuitry in compatible television sets. FD Trinitron CRTs were available in several screen aspect ratios. 4:3 and 16:9 were used on the WEGA line of televisions. One would pull the hood forward to automatically power on the television. The picture on the screen is an actual telecast image. Watch for updates to show additional photos and screenshots. The flat screen reduces glare and room reflections.

Automatic tuning was also disabled, since I couldn’t scan for channels with the Channel-down or Channel-up buttons. Courtesy tips One more RCA prototype television shown 1965. Never entered the market, however George Heilmeier’s team at RCA’s Princeton laboratory was secretly working on LCD development for flat screen television. Strip the insulation from one end, tin and solder to a pair of alligator clips and slide the red insulators back in place.

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