Samsung gt 56102 инструкция

samsung gt 56102 инструкция
Protect your hearing Listening to a headset at high volumes can damage your hearing. Page 45: Google Mail Communication Reading messages Select an email account to use, and new messages are retrieved. To manually retrieve new messages, tap Tap a message to read. Use hands-free accessories to increase your safety when possible. Page 78: Latitude, Navigation Travel & local Latitude Use this application to share location information with friends.

Tap the search field, and then enter a keyword to search for. Installing applications Use application stores, such as Samsung Apps, to download and install applications. Creating events or tasks , and then use one of the following methods: Quick add: Create an event or task from a memo. Tap and hold an option and drag it to a slot at the left of the screen.

The icons listed in the table below are most common. Avoid placing your phone and accessories near or in an air bag deployment area. Информация собрана, обобщена и апробирована, в частности с XDA. Page 48: Google, Messenger, Chaton Use this application to chat with any device that has a mobile phone number.

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