Samsung digital voice recorder vy h200 инструкция

samsung digital voice recorder vy h200 инструкция
For the most part, you needed to control the system with the Web interface. Scene program These are modes preprogrammed with settings for common shooting situations. Menu Set Press the ‘DEL All’ appears on the display and all recordings will be deleted. Алгоритм такой, раздвигаем края серой вставки и вытаскиваем материнскую плату. Anything you might otherwise have scanned or photocopied, like business cards and book pages, as well as signs with information you want to remember, like phone numbers.

Voice Edit and E-mail Send Functions After uploading files to a PC, you can use the Voice Yepp Player program to edit recordings and send e-mails. Here’s some guidance about all those other modes you could be shooting in. If you’re frequently unhappy with your photos shot in Auto, it’s time to substitute some of the camera’s decisions with your own. However, higher ISO sensitivities also allow you to use faster shutter speeds for a given amount of light. No, those aren’t exhaustive definitions; they’re just enough to allow newbies to understand more of what follows. The camera does this by automatically changing the shutter speed and aperture values.

When you want full creative control in the dark. Delete Press the The selected recording number is deleted and the rest of the recording num- bers are automatically sorted. Page 14: Backlight Function, Bass Control Function Convenient Functions Backlight Function You can set the recorder so that the LCD display lights each time a button is pressed. Page 30 Connecting to a PC Using Voice Yepp Player Sending recorded voice messages via e-mail To send e-mails with voice file attachments, the user’s mail program must first be set in the Voice Yepp Player. Many of these details have been added back in through updates since the second-gen launched in November, but customers who relied on a web interface instead of the app to interact with the system are still out of luck.

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