Фотоаппарат samsung wb200f black инструкция

фотоаппарат samsung wb200f black инструкция
Apply various filter effects to your photos to create unique images. Adjusting the exposure manually (EV) Press [ / ] to adjust the exposure. Here this addition theoretically saves users the need to pack the USB lead when traveling abroad — though in practice, as the same lead doubles up as a means of charging the battery in-camera, you might want to include it in that suitcase after all. Select an option. In Shooting mode, press [ ]. Icon Option Select AE Bracket. Инструкции полезны пользователям, пытающимся разобраться в работе приобретенного продукта.

Page 26: Charging The Battery And Turning On Your Camera, Charging The Battery, Turning On Your Camera Charging the battery and turning on your camera Charging the battery Turning on your camera Before you use the camera for the first time, you must charge the battery. Using a higher ISO increases the camera’s sensitivity to light. And just in the nick of time for the summer holidays, Samsung has let rip with the latest entrant in its ‘wide and big’ WB series. Preventing red-eye Using the flash When the flash fires when you capture a photo of a person in the dark, a red glow Press the flash pop-up button to may appear in the person’s eyes. Rotate the mode dial to • Repeat steps 4 and 5 to capture the rest of the photos.

The same menu list also allows the option to adjust photo size in terms of pixel count and image quality in terms of JPEG compression level, with Super Fine denoting the optimum level, along with metering — the choices here being between the familiar multi zone, spot, or centre weighted. Using macro Using auto focus Use macro to capture close-up photos of subjects, such as flowers or insects. To capture sharp photos, select the appropriate focus option according to your distance from the subject. Protect a file from accidental deletion. In Playback mode, press [ In Playback mode, select a file to protect. ], select Delete →… Page 91: Viewing Photos Viewing photos or videos in Playback mode Deleting all files Viewing photos You can select all files, and then delete them at once.

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