Инструкция pioneer pdp

For the actual procedures, see the appropriate pages that describe individual functions. Use Manual Setup to optimize the positions and clock of images when necessary. Page 29: Labeling Tv Channels, Sorting Preset Tv Channels, Language Setting Setting up Labeling TV channels You can name TV channels that you have set up, using up to five characters. Page 30: Av Selection, Basic Picture Adjustments Setting up AV Selection Select from the seven viewing options depending on the current environment (e.g., room brightness), the type of the current TV programme, or the type of images input from external equipment. Background Noise Our Pioneer PDP-LX5090 review sample emitted a directional buzz from the front of the plasma screen (loudest at the centre). Just like most plasma televisions, the brighter the on-screen content, the stronger the buzz.

Заполните предложенную на сайте форму заказа и доверьте нам поиск информации. You can set tuner type and region in successive operations. Much, much more. A universe of advanced picture-in-picture settings and game control preferences ensures your experience is unique and tailored to your specific tastes. Home AV Plasma Displays PDP-6020FD Overview Open your eyes to a world where black levels are so black, they disappear into an infinite abyss. Page 49: Orbiter, Video Pattern, Sleep Timer, Using A Password Useful adjustment settings Orbiter This function automatically shifts the image little by little to reduce the occurrence of the burning.
These include three high-definition component video inputs, three s-video inputs and three composite video inputs, all of which have access to analog audio inputs. From our sitting distance of 8 feet away, the buzz was audible but entirely tolerable during quiet scenes; normal TV volume and the presence of ambient noise would mask the plasma buzz totally. Using the 3DYC and I-P Mode Press HOME MENU. Select “Picture“… Page 35: Sound Adjustments, Listening To Audio From The Sub Screen Using Headphones Setting up Sound adjustments You can adjust the sound quality to your preference with the following settings. Нажмите кнопку «Добавить инструкцию», присоедините свой документ и отправьте его нам. Даже если вы не нашли в нашей базе руководства по эксплуатации интересующего вас устройства, это еще не повод для огорчения. Thanks to its brushed black front surface, logical key layout, gratifying tactile feedback from its rubbery buttons, and the capability to control other equipments (such as a set-top box or DVD player), this remote control is a befitting companion to a premium plasma panel.

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