Инструкция на русском для pioneer avic

инструкция на русском для pioneer avic
Сенсорный дисплей никакущий — трудно с одного раза выбрать нужный трек. The speed limit in the database may not match the actual speed limit of the cur- rent road. Each language can be set separately. p If you use voice operation, select [English] in [Program language:] of “Language”. If you select other languages, voice operation will not be available. The system searches for cellular phones fea- turing Bluetooth technology that are waiting for the connection and displays them in the list if the device has found. p If you cannot find the desired model name on the list, touch [Other phones] to search the cellular phones available nearby. Touch [Route…] then [Go Here Now] to set your selected position as your destination and calculate the route up that point. You can enable or disable no- tification for each song.

Page 158: Checking The Version Information, Restore Factory Settings Chapter Customizing preferences Touch the color you want. Connection diagram Diagramme de connexion Схема подключения AVIC-F500BT Published by Pioneer Corporation. Сюда подводиться красный провод, который через предохранитель идет инструкция подключения автомагнитолы пионер на клемму аккумулятора.

Как только мы обнаружим нужную вам инструкцию, она будет выслана на адрес вашего почтового ящика. Page 132: Using «my Mix» Function, Using The Direct Traffic Announcement Function Chapter Using the XM tuner Using “My Mix” function “My Mix” function memorizes the song title and artist name of the song currently being re- ceived. Map coverage For more details about the map coverage of this navigation system, refer to the information on our website. Page 36: How To Read The Map Screen Chapter Basic operation How to use the map Most of the information provided by your navigation system can be seen on the map. Page 109 Playing music files (from USB or SD) Selecting a track from the list The list lets you see the list of track titles or folder names on an external storage device (USB, SD). Touch a folder on the list to view its contents. Пиктограмма Х в операционной системе Microsoft® Windows Mobile™ означает сворачивание программы, а не ее закрытие.

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