Инструкция к pioneer dv

инструкция к pioneer dv
Although the picture looks larger, you don’t actually see the whole picture. The functioning of the remote control for these functions is a little unusual, with the appropriate button needing to be held down for approximately 10 seconds before it locks into either fast forward or fast reverse mode. Use a mini-jack plug to connect the CONTROL OUT of one component to the CONTROL IN of another. Page 61 Stereo amplifier operation is incorrect. correct the problem, please consult your nearest \ Check input (CD, AUX, etc.) selector to determine PIONEER service center. if it is selected for DVD playback. With Parental Lock capable discs, you can block access to material you feel is inappropriate for your children. Also do not put the apparatus on the thick carpet, bed, sofa, or fabric having a thick pile.

Page 62: Registering A New Password, Changing Your Password, Country Code Initial Settings menu Registering a new password You must register a password before you can change the Parental Lock level or enter a Country code. Speaker Installation • Set in Setup Navigator (default: L/R: Large | C: Large | LS/RS: Large| SW: On ) You only need to make this setting if you connected this player to your amplifier using the 5.1 channel analog outputs. The DVD player knows a fair number of full names for languages, so you either get the full name of the language displayed or a two letter abbreviation if the player does not recognize the language in question. Page 72: For Proper And Long Use Of This Unit A damaged power cord can cause a fire or give you an electrical shock. The player displays the pictures in each folder in alphabetical order. With DVD, an even greater number of possibilities and functions are available.

Please do not ship your product to Pioneer without first calling the Customer Service Department at the above listed number for assistance. Press STANDBY/ON on the front panel). The player is put in standby. Setup Navigator Language Settings Center Speaker Audio Out Settings Surround Speakers Speaker Settings AV Receiver Func. 10 Do you have a sub-woofer connected to your AV receiver?

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