Телефон philips cd 565 инструкция

телефон philips cd 565 инструкция
Conformity We, Philips declare that the product is in compliance with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of Directive 1999/5/EC. This product can only be connected to the analogue telephone networks of the countries mentioned on the packaging. Please contact your operator should you want to change the settings. ГлавнаяЗагрузкиИнструкции Инструкции Введите номер модели Выберите категорию Домашняя аудио-видео техникаЦифровые фото и видеокамерыТелефоны и МФУТехника для кухниКрасота и здоровьеБытовая техникаКондиционерыПродукты для бизнеса Выберите категорию продукта. Page 14 Display icons Status bar Indicates battery is fully charged. Always use the telephone line cord supplied with the unit.

The power adaptor and telephone line cord have to be connected correctly, as incorrect connection could damage the unit. The indoor and outdoor range of the phone is up to 50 metres and 300 metres respectively. This PIN is also used to protect the settings of your handset.

Page 9 113º F). • Battery life may be shortened in low temperature conditions. Hence, if you want to check if you <... Page 42 From the base, You can use speaker's volume during call screening. Getting started Install your phone Before using the handset, the batteries have to be installed and fully charged. Page 12 Overview of your phone Earpiece < OK key During a call: Access the Call menu In other modes: Select the function displayed on the handset screen directly above it.

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