Инструкция philips ccr 2006

The T5 system consists of a 16mm double-ended tubular fluorescent lamp, optimized for use with an electronic ballast, which operates the lamp at high frequency (ECG), to enhance its efficiency. Electrodes (also referred to as cathodes) are located at each end of the sealed tube. Instant Start lamps are usually easy to spot, as the terminals are single pins.

Saves as much as 60 – 70% without sacrificing illumination level, Environment friendly due to very long replacement period. 2.5—GUIDELINE SPECIFICATION Specifying fluorescent lamps is not difficult. This was twice the rate of Western Electric/Bell System telephone dials. For the purpose of this article the following definitions are made: Manual service is a condition in which a human operator routes calls inside an exchange without the use of a dial.
The manufacturer should be contacted for more information if the application calls for frequent switching. Of special concern are modern electronic control products. Both terminals interface with analog signals, convert to digital signals, and transport to the other side where the reverse is performed. Ballasts for instant start lamps are designed to provide a relatively high starting voltage (with respect to preheat and rapid start lamps) to initiate the discharge across the unheated electrodes. (c) Rapid Start Operation.

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