Panasonic aw rp50e инструкция

panasonic aw rp50e инструкция
This remote camera controller unit can control up to one hundred cameras via IP; and up to five Panasonic cameras and pan-tilt heads using RS-422 serial control. Its no-moving-parts design is ideal for remote monitoring in athletics; conference rooms; and in classrooms for lecture capture and distance learning.A major upgrade to enable high-quality HD video and stereo audio output (plus control) via the camera’s USB connector is now available. You probably know the math so I dont need to get into that aspect, but ethernet cable’s pretty small, so you might get into a line loss situation where in order to get enough power you need to run your supply hard enough to melt the wires. With its full HD MOS sensors; the HE2 produces 1920 x1080 resolution images in 1080/60p (1080/59.94p) and a wide range of other formats. The RP50 remote control also connects to the AW-HS50 switcher via IP for synchronized use at a distance or for easy control of both units by a single local operator.

This free upgrade effectively transforms the camera into a «super-webcam» for lectures/event capture and a wide-range of other USB-centric applications. Other menu functions of compatible Panasonic cameras can be also controlled using the RP120. Its LCD panel facilitates menu operation as well as dedicated zoom; focus and iris indicator display. The controller measures 8 1/4 W x 2 5/8″ H x 6 15/16″ D and weighs just over four pounds. The RP50 is capable of accessing up to 100 presets for each Panasonic Integrated PTZ camera (AW-UE70, AW-HE40, AW-HE130, AW-HE50 and AW-HE100); and up to 50 presets for other Panasonic AW-series pan-tilt heads. Various functions can also be allocated to eight User Buttons for one-touch control.

Camera menu access is also provided for adjustment of other parameters. Direct IP control is possible using Panasonic’s AW-RP50N; as well as appropriately programmed systems from Crestron; AMX and other manufacturers. SX650 Design Support 2.2 56KB Dec 14, 2012 SX650 Admin Tool NTSC 3.11 28.9MB Dec 27, 2012 SX650 Admin Tool PAL 3.11 28.9MB Dec 27, 2012 SX650 Firmware Version up tool 1.11 26.9MB Dec 27, 2012. The high quality; low cost AW-HE2 is a compact HD camera with electronic pan/tilt/zoom functionality; remote IP monitoring; HDMI output; and IP control capability.

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