Dvd/cd player lg dvx484k инструкция

dvd/cd player lg dvx484k инструкция
However, if you turn it by force, it can cause serious damage. Page 21: Lock (parental Control) Initial Settings (continued) LOCK (Parental Control) Rating Blocks playback of rated DVDs based on their content. Transferable if you sell or gift your product. Also, I sprung for the warranty too. I like that Walmart offers this feature.

Advertising Advertising OWNER’S MANUALDVD Player Please read this manual carefully before operating your set and retain it for future reference. DP132 Advertising. The MOVIE menu appears on the screen. 2. Press v / V to select a folder, and press ENTER. A list of files in the folder appears. This model, when distributed in the United States, is configured for REGION 1 or REGION 0 discs only. It will not be compatible with Region 2 formats.

Attaching the battery pack a Match the hooks of the battery pack into the holes on the bottom of the player. b Press and slide the battery pack until the hooks click. This manual provides information on the operation and mainte- nance of your unit. This indicates a product feature that is capable of playing DVD-RW discs recorded with Video Recording format.

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