Kenwood kdc-8021 инструкция

Advertising Advertising KDC-X859 KDC-MP919 KDC-X759 CD-RECEIVER INSTRUCTION MANUAL COMPACT DIGITAL AUDIO Take the time to read through this instruction manual. Refer to the parts list Parts with exploded numbers larger than 700 are not supplied. Page 6: Handling Compact Discs Handling Compact discs Playing a CD that is dirty, scratched or warped can cause the sound to skip and the unit to operate incorrectly, resulting in worsened sound quality. Page 46: Troubleshooting Guide Troubleshooting Guide What might appear to be a malfunction in your unit may just be the result of slight misoperation or miswiring. Look at the table to adjust the mode being displayed.

Page 11 KDC-8021/M9021/X859 TEST MODE Test Mode 1. How to enter test mode • Balance is settable in 3 steps of Left MAX / Center / While holding the [1/5] key and the [3/7] key, reset the Right MAX with the Track up/down keys. Page 21 CK73GB1C104K CHIP C 0.10UF L77-2738-05 CRYSTAL RESONATOR C69 ,70 CK73GB1H104K CHIP C 0.10UF L77-2002-05 CRYSTAL RESONATOR K : KDC-X859 E: Europe K: North America M: Other Areas E1 : KDC-M9021 W: Without Europe E2 : KDC-8021 indicates safety critical components. Page 19: Kenwood Intelligent Twin If (k2i), Rds Features To prevent accidents, drivers should not look at the display whilst on the road. Display and setting: «AF ON»… Page 39: Basic Operations Of Steering Remote Control Basic Operations of steering remote control ¢ FM/DISC VOLUME ∞ AM/DISC ∞ 2WARNING To prevent accidents, do not attempt to use the steering remote control whilst turning the steering wheel.
Your model may return multiple results, some of which may contain only the parts list. Make sure to make the proper connections to prevent damage to the unit. Called lens fogging, CDs may be impossible to play. In such a situation, remove the disc and wait for the condensation to evaporate. This is a huge list and continues after the table.Please continue scrolling if you don’t see your manual. Enter the menu mode Hold down the MENU button for one second or more. When the function is on, the TI indicator is turned on.

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