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Корпус варочной панели должен быть обязательно заземлен, причем не к корпусу или проводу от другого прибора, а к клемме розетки, отдельным проводом от панели. Clasa A Cuptoarele incorporabile electrice sunt incadrate in clasa energetica A. Avand un consum redus de energie, valoarea facturii de curent electric scade, pentru ca tu sa te poti… de la 733,00 RON 2 oferte de la 733,00 RON Comparați 2 oferte. Display screen. 3:45 3:45 Display screen.

Page 65 Symptom Remedy/Cause • Disc cannot be played back. • Change the disc. • Record the tracks using a compliant application on the appropriate discs. ( • Add appropriate extension codes to the file names. • Noise is generated. Page 40: Receiving A Call Receiving a call Checking Text message reception When a call comes in… The source is changed to “ ” automatically. If the mobile phone is compatible with Text message, the unit tells you a message has been received. How to find your product’s model number Please see some examples below of where you may find your manufacturer’s model number.

Please consult our Knowhow team or a qualified installation expert to carry out door reversal — select door reversal service when adding product to basket. With both aesthetic appeal and technologically advanced functioning, you’ll be able to make a scrumptious, crisp pizza for a movie night in the comfort of your own home. The setting will be stored—one for “ ” (common) and the other for “ .” ∞… Page 32 Selectable setting/item Initial: Underlined Menu item Time Set Initial 1:00 AM ( Time Format 12 Hours, 24 Hours OSD Clock : Cancels. : The clock time is displayed on the playback picture. Wall Paper You can select the background picture of the screen. Continued on the next page… Page 54 Selects the source. — Disc/file/iPod/iPhone Starts/pauses playback.

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