Hp lj p3005n инструкция

hp lj p3005n инструкция
Removing the transfer rollerWith the printer facing toward you, open the cartridge door and remove the toner cartridge. Once the pad is loose, remove it from the printer. Wait 20 minutes for the printer to cool. Rotate the bottom of the rear cover outwards to free & remove the panel.

All internal mechanical assemblies such as fusers and paper-input units are individually remanufactured by specialists, and then tested by our QC people. Once the tabs are released lift the transfer roller shaft out of the printer. Oils from your skin can adversely affect print quality.Insert the right end of the transfer roller into the printer; secure the metal tip into its black retaining clip. When the memory count begins, press and hold the checkmark button. Removing Tray 1 Separation PadInsert a flat blade screwdriver into the opening underneath the separation pad to gently pry the pad up from the left then the right side and free it from its base.

Caution if you have been using the printer the fuser section will be hot! Disconnect two cables at the right, inside, of the device. These gears wear out fairly quickly in the P3005 series printers. Install the toner cartridge into the printer and close the door to tray 1. Removing the Tray 2 Pickup RollerRemove tray 2 from the printer. Click here to order the set of gears or you can call us at 866-352-7108. Prev Next.

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