Инструкция фото на canon powershot a2500

Additional settings like your camera’s metering mode and the Exposure Lock function are even more tools you can use to take control over your photography and unlock your true artistic potential. Use the DISP / SET button to toggle between : Off : override disabled On : override enabled Inf : override enabled and set to infinity Depending on camera, you may need to activate AF lock for subject distance override to work. Note also: This change is not saved between camera power-downs. If you would always like to start out with a small negative preset EV value to avoid blown highlights, then use Canon’s own EV compensation setting for your startup EV value. The A100/200/3xx/4xx series cameras are stripped-down with very little manual controls.

Note 2: Bitrate control is not available on all a cameras. If not available, the options will be Quality and Default. When selected, a file browser window is displayed, Select a RAW file and press FUNC/SET, then the message ‘Switch Camera to Record Mode and take one shot’ displays, Press FUNC/SET again to back out of this menu, then use the button to exit mode. Setting this value to Default will cause the default values specified in the script to be used each time the script is loaded.
All it sees is how much light is coming in, and it tries to adjust the shutter, aperture, and ISO to get that triangle to hover above the zero. Setting this value to Off will disable the use of the alternative values. This is to minimize noise in the photograph. Blink 3 – Solid coverage, blinks every two seconds.

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