Инструкция fly-motion

инструкция fly-motion
The lineset should be balanced before loading begins, then the batten flown in, the set added, and then the counterweight added from the loading bridge. Available settings:0 – reports are not sent1-32767 – illuminance in luxDefault setting: 200 (200 lux)Parameter size: 2 [byte] 42. Illuminance report — intervalTime interval between consecutive illuminance reports. Reports to the association groups are sent using Sensor Alarm command class.Default setting: 0Parameter size: 1 [byte] 26. Tamper alarm broadcast modeThe parameter determines whether the tamper alarm frame will or will not be sent in broadcast mode.

Values from 1 to 9 = single long blink at the moment of reporting motion. No other motion will be indicated until alarm is cancelled. When provided, light ladder battens are usually of the truss type and may be fitted with heavy-duty track to permit repositioning of the light ladders up and down stage. Power is fed to fixed electrics from terminal boxes at the grid deck via multicable. Channel-type grid, viewed from below with drapes, battens, and electrics visible. Line set functions include: Drapery and track line set Line sets often suspend theater drapes and stage curtains such as travelers, teasers (a.k.a. borders), legs, cycs, scrims and tabs, as well as associated tracks, in order to mask and frame the stage and provide backdrops.

Successful adding will be confirmed by the Z-Wave controller’s message. If necessary, wake up the Motion Sensor by triple clicking the B-button. Line set functions[edit] Line sets are typically general purpose in function, meaning they can perform any number of functions which vary depending upon the requirements of a particular theatre production. Shorter time periods allow to detect motion more frequently, but the battery will be drained faster. Electronics for aircraft flight control systems are part of the field known as avionics. Often a rigging worker will be asked to load a number of inches of steel, which correlates to a specific mass.

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