Electrolux eog 621 инструкция

Цитата:но в последнее время появилась такая проблема ручку приходится держать 3-4 минуты , а то и больше и еще не факт что газ не потухнет когда отпущу.зажечь газ получается с 10 попытки.в чем может быть проблема?что делать? Oven gloves should be used when removing or pulling the shelf in and out. Leave a gap of 13mm (½») between all dishes and the sides of Leave a gap of 13mm (½») between all… Page 17: Oven Cooking Charts Oven cooking chart These instructions are for cooking in the oven after it has been pre-heated for 20 minutes.

The heat in the oven will change the colour of the metal plate on the shelf. Cover food with a tight fitting lid or tin foil. Check Check that the timer instructions are being closely followed. Always give your appliance’s full name, model and serial number. The condensation forms when heat and moisture are present, for example during cooking.
This will damage the oven as well as the ovenware and possibly the cabinet underneath the oven. Check Check that you are following the instructions for care and cleaning (See page 27). Problem The oven lights do not work. You should pay particular attention to cooking times and gas mark settings as these may differ from your previous oven. The electrical connection to the appliance is at the rear bottom right hand side; the junction box or socket should be positioned accordingly. Page 12: The Grill Pan And Handle EOG 600 The grill pan and handle The grill pan is supplied with a removable handle. To attach the handle, place the wirework under the cut out in the pan so that the metal plate hooks over the top of the grill pan. Allow the oven burner to light and gas flow open up to full rate.

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