Инструкция t2i canon pdf

инструкция t2i canon pdf
Page 124: K Shooting Movies k Shooting Movies Connecting the camera to a TV set is recommended to playback movies (p.167, 169). Autoexposure Shooting During movie shooting, do not point the lens toward the sun. When not shooting, turn off the camera. If you take still photos while the icon is displayed on the screen, the image quality may be degraded. This is called lens light fall-off or drop in peripheral illumination. Page 152: Photograph A Solid-white Object 3 Appending Dust Delete DataN About the Dust Delete Data After the Dust Delete Data is obtained, it is appended to all the JPEG and RAW images captured thereafter.

This is for advanced users who are familiar with using color temperature conversion or color compensating filters. Handling Precautions Contacts… Page 14: Quick Start Guide Quick Start Guide White index Insert the battery. To charge the battery, see page 24. Attach the lens. Page 155: Basic Shooting And Image Playback, Image Playback Image Playback This chapter explains features related to viewing photos and movies, going into more detail than in Chapter 2 “Basic Shooting and Image Playback” which explained the playback procedure. You would need your camera to be parallel to your subject’s eyes. Page 149 Flash exposure compensation See “y Flash Exposure Compensation” on page 88. E-TTL II For normal flash exposures, set it to [Evaluative]. If [Average] is set, the flash exposure will be averaged for the entire metered scene as with an external metering flash. Press the button to display the image.

Before cleaning the sensor, detach the lens from the camera. Sometimes 1/125 is not fast enough and you still get some movement in your photo, like in the picture of Kate running, but it is a good rule of thumb. If your shutter speed gets too slow such as 1/40 then “camera shake” may affect the sharpness of your photo. You never know, you may love it and never go back! Page 88 Setting Exposure CompensationN y Flash Exposure CompensationN Set flash exposure compensation if the flash exposure of the subject does not come out as desired.

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