Canon digital ixus i zoom инструкция

canon digital ixus i zoom инструкция
You can enjoy the convenience of not having to switch the Date/Time settings. Those are likely able to be supported by libgphoto2 if not already. Canon Self-Service Portal Looking for Ocè product support.

You attempted to play back an image larger than 4992 x 3328 pixels or with a large data size. Page 56: Adjusting The Tone (white Balance) Adjusting the Tone (White Balance) Normally, the (Auto) white balance setting selects an optimal white balance. Start-up, Operation, Self-timer and Shutter Sounds Select FUNC./SET button.

Reformatting the memory card may solve the problem. • When a non-Canon brand memory card is malfunctioning, reformatting it may solve the problem. • Memory cards formatted in other cameras, computers, or peripheral devices may not operate correctly in this camera. The Camera Station also charges the camera when docked. Too much light is shining directly into the camera, or is being reflected off the subject. Never do the following while an indicator is lit. The flash may be damaged and emit smoke or noise.

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