Зонгшен 50 инструкция

зонгшен 50 инструкция
Retrieved 25 May 2015. ^ , ^ «TTXGP Holland Station, China Zongshen Racing Team again won the Runner-up and Second Runner-up». China E-vehicle. After “Run In” period 50 to 1 Mix = 20 mls per litre= 100 mls per 5 litres. Visual Prime Confirmation can be observed by removing the Engine Cover.

Смотрите внимательно на раму своего мотоцикла, она должна быть максимально похожа на CRF50.Список взаимозаменяемых деталей: бензобак, сиденье, весь пластик, двигатель. Pump the fuel to the carburettor with the Manual hand pump located on the fuel line. Recommended Oils Zongshen-Selva recommends you only use quality Marine Grade oils in your engine.

Parts diagrams available on website.(Specifications Section) Scheduled Service intervals would need to be maintained during warranty period This can be supported by any qualified independent outboard mechanic of your choice and convenience. This engine utilizes an old-school push rod valve system to ensure long-distance engine endurance, eliminating risks of timing chain failure due to the piling heat during a long-distance travel. Zongshen- Selva Marine outboard motors Australia are a smart choice if you’re in the market for a new boat motor. Take the time to give your engine a good visual inspection and familiarise your self with its components. Zongshen models include: KD50QT-4[edit] Zongshen/Kangda Pexma KD50QT-4 is a four-stroke, single-cylinder city-scooter, with an engine displacement of 50 cc.

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