White light инструкция видио

white light инструкция видио
Install AA batteries as follows: Remove the battery cap by unscrewing it counter clockwise. Press and release ENTER button once.Once pressed you will see a number of indicators appearing around the screen providing you useful information on your environment. Put the cap back into place.The IR850 illuminator has a control panel with two buttons. To switch the IR illuminator on/off press “+” and “–” buttons simultaneously.

Follow the instructions below to reset the device using the recovery button. You do not need to reset the box if you are using the box for the first time. 2. DOWNLOAD APP Download App from Apple Store with the word Milight or from Google Play for Android using the word Mi.Light. The GPS antenna resides on top of the X-Sight and underneath the GPS/Wi-Fi indicator.

First, check to see if the control is supported on the current device on which your app is running. If the control is supported, set the desired mode for the control. Select the desired setting by using the LEFT-RIGHT buttons, and press ENTER. Firmware version. It shows the current firmware version of the X-Sight. Also, make sure that the value is less than or equal to the ZoomControl.Max value. Continuous autofocus Enabling continuous autofocus instructs the camera to adjust the focus dynamically to try to keep the subject of the photo or video in focus.

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