Vsbv 25r40-4z инструкция

vsbv 25r40-4z инструкция
Max. inlet pressure pe: 1 bar GFK 15 to 250, 4 bar (60 psig) GFK 15 to 65, GFK 15T to 100T, 6 bar GFK 40 to 100. Ambient temperature: -15 to +80°C (5 to 176°F). Continuous operation at high temperatures accelerates the ageing of elastomer materials. Mayr GmbH + Co. KG ROBA-ES-38/940.011.AP FORI D.32-42Chr. First, unscrew and remove the breather screw plug. The JSAV… Reading instructions: When determining the pressure loss, operating cubic metres must be entered. Valve disc Valve seat Venting valve The trip pressure is set using the setpoint spring in the measuring unit. Change filter pad once per annum, twice per annum for biologically produced methane, or in case the pressure differential on the gas filter has risen by 100% compared to when new, Δpmax = 20 mbar.

Ensure that there is sufficient tube length for the impulse line. The gas must be dry in all temperature conditions and must not contain condensate. Approved by Rostekhnadzor (RTN)…. Reset cap Breather screw plug Impulse line connection The JSAV is manually reset. To do so, the pressure in the impulse line must be between the upper and lower trip pressure. Mayr GmbH + Co. KG ROBA ES-14/940.011.A FORI D.14-D.11Chr. Then loosen the reset cap. By pulling the reset cap slightly, the pressure is equalized via an internal hole in the valve disc.

Mayr GmbH + Co. KG 100.110 GR.01 MOZZO PR.D.14Chr.

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