Viper 479v инструкция

viper 479v инструкция
The LED on the remote will flash the same number of times, and the horn or siren will chirp. You must enter the button presses within five seconds of turning on the ignition. On the final press, hold down the switch. The attached file provides a picture of the three different styles of valet switches we have made over the years. Open the door and turn the ignition key to the «On» position. Deep discounts on car installation gear With most stereo and speaker purchases, we offer installation guides, dash kits, wiring harnesses, and speaker accessories at deep discounts.

Please note that 90% of the time the installer leaves this feature at the factory default of one press.You may be asking yourself what your valet switch looks like or where you can find it. Plug the «Valet/Program» switch on your Viper system into the blue port on the housing. Continue this up to five and one of them should disarm the alarm. Systems that were manufactured prior to that use the stand alone switch which can be found towards the bottom half of your driver side dash.

Check out our most recent awards Factory-authorized dealer The manufacturer’s warranty always applies. Once you know where your valet switch is simply insert your key into the ignition cylinder, turn to the «run» or «on» position then tap the valet switch one time. Do not hold the switch, make sure it’s a quick tap of the button. Release the «Valet/Programming» switch and turn off the ignition. Press the «Valet/Program» switch once for systems with remote start, seven times for systems without remote start.

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