Vincent cd-s6 инструкция

vincent cd-s6 инструкция
Fortunately this is a problem only reviewers need worry about as the end purchasers of this product from Vincent Audio get to relax and Enjoy the Music. Here the CD-S8 lets that classic Neil Young style of singing flourish with its open yet delicate sound. Noise is good rather than great, while in terms of frequency response there’s a tiny lift (0.1dB) in the treble before a considerably better-than-usual roll-off, 15dB down at 22.05kHz and basically vanished by 23kHz. Speed accuracy is spot-on while output voltage is a touch above average. Holly Cole’s voice exhibited some sibilance, a consequence of a close-miked voice. See your browser’s documentation for specific instructions. {}. Given their history of producing quality hybrid audio gear I awaiting the CD-S8’s arrival like a kid on his birthday.

The downside is that you forego some precision.Another attractive aspect of the sound that is undoubtedly valve derived is the sense of dynamics or energy that emanates from acoustic sound sources especially. Vincent combines visible valves with tiny transistors in a CD player that’s big on blingVincent’s product development and engineering is done in Iffezheim, Germany and the manufacture in China. Once the CD-S8 was delivered, and after a recommended four day break-in period, out came the OPPPO Digital BDP-83 Special Edition Universal player to be replaced by this new hybrid player from Vincent Audio. For you see there is a nice large box of spare tubes, a tube amplifier, tube preamplifier, integrated tube amplifier and tube tuner currently residing within my house. But it’s not alone — there are three more 12AX7 tubes hidden away that complete the analogue output stage.Elsewhere, there is a beefy mains transformer and shielded compartments for the input relays and remote control circuitry to minimise the effect of stray radiation from these components.

Not to fear though as the CD-S8 did better than just fine in this department and if you find yourself not caught up within the music please take a moment to check your equipment or perhaps even your pulse. The answer to that is of course, you can not, or at least so it was for me. The bassoon, furthest from center registered about 60 DB. When the band played in unison, the meter registered about 84 DB.ConclusionI did not detect an imbalance in frequency response. I did experience extension in both treble and bass frequencies absent any peaks. The sibilance was not excessive and did not seem to indicate a peak in the treble region.My second selection was Bela Fleck, FLIGHT OF THE COSMIC HIPPO, Warner Brothers 9 26562, track 1. The electric bass was very clear from the midbass through the treble frequencies.

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