Видеорегистратор multi-mirror 2с инструкция

видеорегистратор multi-mirror 2с инструкция
Доставка осуществляется с гарантией в любой город России, Белоруссии, Казахстана, Украины, а также другие страны СНГ. Оплата возможна в рублях.Уточнить дополнительную информацию по «0» можно на русском языке, для этого свяжитесь с нашей службой поддержки по бесплатному справочному номеру. Take preventative measures and protect yourself while on the road — and drive smarter! Mothers® Nulens easily cleans away yellowing and stains, and even buffs out unsightly hairline scratches, smudges, and flaws in a single step.

Follow up with RainOK Speed Spray or RainOK Extreme Rain Repellent Treatment. Front Sensor Kit — 4 Sensor Stock No: 91CMD05-4F $AU129.00 As this kit is designed for front fitment power is not taken from the reverse lamp power feed and rather taken from ignition with both brake pedal activation as well as offering a manual activation/deactivation button for added safety. Bulk prices will be shown in the shopping cart. Зеркало заднего вида с видеорегистратором в каталоге от 0 рублей. Uses less wax with greater results and protects in minutes.

Infra-red DVR Stock No: 92DVR-IR $AU199.00 The DVR is a car safety product that can be used for many functions, but primarily to provide police or your insurance company with clear evidence of the details of a traffic accident. Remove any pollutants or stains with a damp towel. The fast charging Lithium battery is ready to go in 45 minutes whilst you wash and prepare your car.Upgraded 60W motor, Sleek black finish.Random Orbital Action, Professional swirl free finish Will not burn or mar your painted automotive surfaces. The SV-9159 has a built-in G-sensor that will force the DVR to begin emergency recording from the main camera. What makes these recording different is that they are locked onto the SD card and cannot be deleted from the system using the remote and they are also not able to be overwritten like the other files. Once ignition is turned on the DVR will begin recording from the front camera.

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