Veritas mk ii honing guide инструкция

veritas mk ii honing guide инструкция
The jaws often loosen unless the clamping screw is torqued down heavily. The advantage of the system is that it includes a guide to keep blades and irons square to the direction of movement, which is more tricky to set on other devices, and that it has an angle setting that improves the quality of subsequent honing or resharpening of edges. There’s a pressed sheet metal clamping head which secures the blade to be sharpened with a large plastic knob. The clamping mechanism registers on the face of the blade and is designed to accept flat and tapered blades, as well as blades with irregular geometry.

Buying the complete set together saves a little money too… Hopefully this video will give you a few tips that show you how easy sharpening can be, with the right tools. We’ll talk about water stones, Shapton Stones, the Veritas MKII jig, DMT plates, free-hand sharpening, scary sharp, and a few other topics from the chat room questions. Наиболее полный и универсальный набор для заточки, позволяющий затачивать лезвия от 3мм до 72мм. You hold the tool against the side of the channel while you slide the sled back and forth to hone the blade’s edge. Honing guides make a good entry point into sharpening because of their low cost ($12-$80), effectiveness, and uncomplicated setup.

For peace of mind, use a honing guide. And tool manufacturers must think so, too, because in the past few years, several new sharpening systems have been introduced to take the drudgery out of putting on a keen edge. Unless the two locking screws are carefully tightened to apply even pressure, the tool tends to slip out of square.

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