Усилитель hf 747 booster инструкция

Books can be ordered from their publishers, after first writing for prices of the books desired. Article also tells how traffic radars work. By adding 10.5-GHz oscillator, same cir- cuit can be used in 10.5-GHz amateur radio band for communicating with other cars using this band. Chopper and its control maintain high average motor current while limiting peak current by increas- ing chopping frequency from normal 125 Hz to as high as 500 Hz when high torque is re- quired.— T. Malarkey, You Need Precision SCR Chopper Control. Some foreign publica- tions, including Wireless World, shorten the abbre- viations for units of measure on diagrams. Optional connection for ±15 V supply is also shown. — «Circuit Ideas for RCA Linear ICs,» RCA Solid State Division, Somerville, NJ, 1977, p 10. HIGH-ON LOGIC CONTROL— Uses Signetics NE571 or NE570 analog compandor. Some electronics manufacturers also publish books and large reports for which charges are made.

When con- trol input is high, CR1 is off and current devel- oped by Rsain flows into rectifier input, allowing audio to be amplified. Обе эти модели уже не выпускаютсяEA-250P — усилитель на двух транзисторах, таких же, как в EA-150. Спокойно «переваривает» входную мощность до 10 ватт, выдавая при этом 170-180 ватт. Will not load circuit to which input is connected.

Diode D a clamps negative output swing of opamp to about 0.3 V, preserving amplifier recovery time in preparation for clamping next input transi- tion. Power Darlingtons are MJ4000 and MJ4010, and both opamps are 741. Preset 5K pot is adjusted initially for minimum distor- tion. Meter light uses 12 VDC or 110 VAC with MFJ-1312D. A 6-position ceramic antenna switch lets you select 2 coax lines (direct or through tuner), random wire and balanced lines. Subminiature T-3/4 RF sen- sor lamps operate in bridge circuit with R1, R2, and R3. Voltage difference between bridge legs is amplified by opamp U1. Bridge current driver Q1 supplies current for balancing bridge.

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