Terra mt30a инструкция

Low level harmonics and intermodulation distortion less than 60dB are also important features. There is also a possibility to tune the range of frequency till ±2.25 МHz by 0.25 МHz step. The МТ30B is intended to form ТV channels of B/G and I standards in VHF and UHF range.

The МТ30C is intended to form ТV channels of B/G A2 stereo in VHF and UHF range. Divisat DVS-AV04 Модулятор аудио-видео сигнала преобразует низкочастотный AV-сигнал в высокочастотный в дециметровом или метровом диапазоне (1-69к). 0 руб. 12Вперед. Euston GC-AV02 RF-Модулятор Модулятор дает возможность подключить любое видеоустройство (спутниковый ресивер, DVD-плеер, игровую приставку и т.д.) к телевизору через антенный вход. 0 руб. Buttons “-” and “+” are used to change the output channel. Источники сигнала подключаются к устройству по HDMI, CVBS и L/R Audio интерфейсам. 22200 руб. В КОРЗИНУ Terra MHD100 HDMI модулятор MHD100 DVB-T «TERRA» Цифровой Full HD модулятор HDMI в DVB-T 0 руб. We are pleased to announce the newest VSB ТV modulators MT30A, MT30B and MT30C, intended to form TV channels in VHF and UHF range.
The МТ30А is intended to form ТV channels of L and D/K standards in VHF and UHF range. Modulators are produced with built-in power supply for powering from mains ~198…250V. The main modulators’ difference from the previous VSB TV modulators is that the whole ТV range – 47-862МHz is covered by one module. The modulators МТ30А, МТ30B, МТ30C are the perfect choice for more economical installations. The meanings of channels are displayed in LED display. Non-volatile channel memory installed inside the modulator lets save the information about the last selected settings after the modulator is unplugged.

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