Терминал optimum t4220 инструкция код ошибки nd

Once authorized, process an Advice Transaction. REFUND LIMIT EXCEEDED PRESS OK Top of page The total value of Refunds performed today is greater than your daily Refund limit. This has been an ongoing issue for a couple of weeks. Press OK and retry the transaction. BASE NOT FOUND PRESS OK T op of page When registering a terminal to a base: — the BASE ID entered does not exist. Press OK, check the BASE ID and re-enter it. — the BASE ID entered has the maximum number of terminals registered to it. You can add a maximum of 255 different Clerk IDs and 100 different Terminal Names. TCP CONNECTION FAILED Top of page The terminal has tested the Ethernet connection and was unable to establish a connection.

Key in a 10-digit phone number (including the area code but without any spaces). INVALID TAG LIST Top of page Contact the Moneris Merchant Service Centre for assistance. INVALID TIME Top of page The time entered is not a valid time. The date must be entered in the MMDD or YYMMDD format and must be a valid calendar date, e.g. 0231 ( Feb. 31) is not a valid date. The credit card terminal will lose the ability to connect to the processor server over SSL. The IP config looks correct, the DHCP lease looks legit and it appears tohave connectivity to the Internet,but transactions will not complete.
The CUSTOMER PRESS OK TO CONTINUE prompt appears. Request another form of payment. CARD NOT SUPPORTED or CARD NOT SUPPORTED PLEASE RETRY Top of page There are a number of possible problems: — You have keyed in or swiped a credit or debit or loyalty or gift card that is not valid. Press OK to return to the READY screen and try the transaction again. If the message reappears, contact the Moneris Merchant Service Centre for assistance. ERROR 406 NO NETWORK RESP Top of page The terminal has sent the transaction request to the Host but the Host has not responded. Try swiping the card again. If this message reappears, press the Can/Ann key to cancel the transaction and retry the debit or credit transaction. INVALID DATE Top of page The date entered is not a valid date.

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