Sound forge pro 10 0 инструкция

sound forge pro 10 0 инструкция
Interactive Tutorials guide you along step by step, are very easy to understand, and can be accessed under the Help menu. Хотя, судя по отзывам, у других пользователей все работает нормально, так что, возможно, в моем случае это связано с использованием демонстрационных версий программ. Wave Hammer is a fine stereo look-ahead compressor/peak limiter that does exactly what it says on the tin without fuss. The two stand-out Sony effects, for me, are the Acoustic Mirror convolution reverb and the Wave Hammer compressor/volume maximiser.

The lower screen shows the results of ‘casting’ this with the vocal track to eliminate this spill. Например, в меню Process программы SpectraLayers Pro для этого есть команды Edit in Sound Forge Pro и Send to Sound Forge Pro, между которыми существует небольшая, но важная разница. Однако слои программы SpectraLayers Pro предназначены не столько для складывания, сколько для вычитания (за счет инвертирования фазы). Рассмотрим интерфейс (рис. 3). Большую часть основного (и единственного) окна программы занимает спектрограмма. Effects are also grouped by developer and some notables include Sony, Sonic, Roxio, and Nero. iZotope Mastering Effects Bundle 2 (valued at $200+) includes Mastering EQ, Mastering Reverb, Mastering Limiter, Mastering Stereo Imager, Mastering Harmonic Exciter, and Multiband Compressor.

The range of indoor and outdoor space impulses (with a picture of the sampled space) available in Acoustic Mirror should satisfy almost every requirement — there’s even a binaural HRTF selection. Although Sony take great pains to point out that SFP11 is not a multitrack editor, its recording workflow has been upgraded and it is now a quick and simple process to record up to 32 tracks simultaneously from any active window via dedicated Arm and Record buttons. Scripts reside in the Script Menu folder under the Sound Forge installation folder. Some effect types include amplitude modulation, chorus, delay/echo, distortion, dynamics, envelope, flange/wah-wah, noise gate, pitch, reverb, vibrato and wave hammer.

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