Sitrans fus1010 инструкция

Outotec also provided additional services to facilitate the brownfields installation at Paraburdoo, which it said was challenging in terms of existing structure and plant layout. Dual path ensures higher accuracy by allowing two sets of sensors to be set up on one pipe and averaged. Power supply Electrical connection 24 V AC/DC Terminals; 2 Pg screwed glands, to left 2 Han 7D/Han 8U plugs incl.

The listed values must be multiplied by the respective length of the capillary, or with transmitters for differential pressure and flow by the total length of both capillaries. The signals needed for communication in conformity with the HART 5.x or 6.x protocols are superimposed on the output cur- rent using the Frequency Shift Keying (FSK) method. The liner was meant to reduce abrasion on the inside of the pipe but given the harsh nature of the copper slurry and the very high content of suspended solids (65 %), the electromagnetic flow meter had to be replaced almost every year.
All conventional thread versions are available as process connections. This makes it suitable for virtually any liquid, even those with high aeration or suspended solids.The SITRANS FUS1010 is available in single, dual and optional four channel/path configurations. Transit time operation offers an accuracy of up to 0.5% of flow and is the preferred mode of operation for relatively homogeneous liquids. The sensors would be mounted on the outside of the pipe, separated from the abrasive fluid contents, thus eliminating the wear problems that accompanied the electromagnetic flow meters. An annual liner or sensor replacement simply became unnecessary.

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