Рнт-13 инструкция

рнт-13 инструкция
Mouse over a bubble to see the opinion. Choose from the buttons at the bottom of the window to adjust some of the building’s functions or upgrade the building’s features. Utilize your neighbors, sharing resources and services to help your region grow and thrive. As your resources and services expand, so does your relationship with your neighbors. Текущие ремонты переключающих устройств ответвлений с выводом их из работы проводят совместно с текущими ремонтами трансформаторов не реже одного раза в год или после определенного числа переключений, указанного в заводской инструкции на данный тип переключающего устройства. Build a Town Hall to give your city a local government and allow your Sims to voice problems. Residents with a higher education can perform more complicated work, which allows you to build more advanced industry and rake in more profit.

While on the Police menu, use the Data Map buttons to switch between different data maps. You can also see how much garbage and recycling has been picked up out of the total to be collected per day. You can claim an available city in that region to join the game. The System Info in the Education menu holds useful information. Bulldozing buildings and roads clears out space for new construction.

Before you begin building a shining utopia, you need to know the basics. To help explain the ins and outs of mayoral duty, you are first guided through a simple scenario. Select the Play button and then the Join Game tab to view a list of available regions being played right now. There are six upgrades to choose from, and you can only select one at a time.

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