Remote ripple инструкция

Different instances of rippled should not derive from the same DBs. In particular, the DBs contain the identity of the node. Encodings are specified separated with spaces, and must thus be enclosed in quotes if more than one is specified. The name of the target viewer machine and optional display number can be entered in the dialog. Contents Installation TightVNC is available as a self-installing setup executable. Before uninstalling TightVNC, make sure WinVNC is not running and not installed as a service.

While the TightVNC service is running, it’s impossible to replace its executable files in place, so the installer will copy new files into a temporary location, and these new files will replace older versions during the next reboot. Warning: The document below does not apply to TightVNC 2.0 and later versions. Raw is also the fastest when the server and viewer are on the same machine, as the connection speed is essentially infinite and raw encoding minimizes processing time.
Also, you can:- Monitor what’s happening on your computers while you’re away (use View-only mode to prevent from interfering with the desktop).- Provide remote support to your friends and family. Note that installing the WinVNC service is the only way to make Ctrl-Alt-Del work remotely (applicable only to Windows NT/2000/XP systems). TightVNC defaults to install to the Program Files\TightVNC directory, but you can choose any other location during the installation. See the grabKeyboard setting in the RESOURCES section below for a method to solve input focus problem. -noraiseonbeep By default, the viewer shows and raises its window on remote beep (bell) event.

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