Proma on-220 инструкция

proma on-220 инструкция
The maximum output current depends upon the specifications of the power transistors. One of the attenuators may be omitted if not both levels have to be adjusted. The output voltage is defined by: R3/R1 * U1 + R3/R2 * U2 The relations R3/R1 resp. R3/R2 determine the sensitivity of the corresponding control (P1) resp. input (J1/P2). If for example all resistors are 47k (a common value in the A-100) the sensitivity is 1 for each input. For audio attenuation normally logarithmic potentiometers are used as the human ear senses the loudness of an audio signal in a logarithmic way too.

The slider of P2 outputs the voltage U2. Additional CV inputs with our without attenuators may be available (e.g. two or more CV inputs for frequency control for a VCF). The dashed line in the picture is the common point in the circuit where all CV’s are added. With these manually verified Jet promo codes, you’ll get the savings that are beyond your expectation. The power supply lines (-12V, GND, +12V, +5V) are always connected and cannot be interrupted. If more than three VCO CV inputs are connected to the same bus the Bus Access Module A-185 is recommended to write to the bus. Услуга интернет бронирования делает процедуру заказа билета более удобной, гибкой и быстрой. The coupons have been tested not once or twice but a couple of times before being recommended. By following all the restriction stated the coupons ought to give you a guaranteed discount. The same applies to potentiometers that are used to control time parameters (e.g. attack/decay/release time of an envelope generator). For attenuation of control signals normally linear potentiometers are used.

The three examples on the left with «+» and «-» signs denote an electrolytic capacitor. Provided that no plug is inserted into J2 the function of the module is unchanged as the switching contact of J2 is active.As soon as a plug is inserted into J2 the default connection is interrupted and the signal fed to J2 is used as feedback signal. For control voltages (normally) only DC coupling can be used as even fixed voltages (e.g. coming from a manual control) have to be transmitted. In a module patch each A-100 module can be treated as an electronic circuit that is connected to another one. The control boards outputs the three address signals and the clock signal.

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