Программа global mapper инструкция

программа global mapper инструкция
Performance Tuning If your computer has multiple processors/cores, use -p The -p option causes Bowtie to launch a specified number of parallel search threads. The appropiate index type is selected based on the input size. It is recommended that you always run the bowtie wrappers and not run the binaries directly. You can use exit stubs later on to connect rooms that you’re sure of are together. All in immediate succession. speedwalk(«3w, 2ne, w, u», true, 1.25) — Will walk backwards: down, east, twice southwest, thrice east, with 1.25 seconds delay between every move. You might find the default room and image size correlation to be too big — try reducing the width and height of the image then, while also zooming in the same amount. Загрузка и отображение JPG изображений со встроенными EXIF данными о позиции.

Default (in terms of the —bmaxdivn parameter) is —bmaxdivn 4. This is configured automatically by default; use -a/—noauto to configure manually. —bmaxdivn The maximum number of suffixes allowed in a block, expressed as a fraction of the length of the reference. Reportable alignments are those that would be reported given the -n, -v, -l, -e, -k, -a, —best, and —strata options. The original sequence files are no longer used by Bowtie once the index is built. This is usually the right option for use with (unconverted) reads emitted by GA Pipeline version 1.3 or later. The coordinates 0,0 are in the middle of the map, and are in sync with the room coordinates — so using the x,y values of getRoomCoordinates() will place the label near that room.

Tutorial The Global Mapper website provides a tutorial for beginners. Paired-end colorspace alignment Like other platforms, SOLiD supports generation of paired-end reads. Так, к примеру, мне проектировщики чаще всего данные на свои участки (границы участков, топосъемка и т.п.) предоставляют в AutoCad-овском *.dwg формате. Обрезание, перепроектирование и слияние любых комбинаций растровых данных и данных возвышенностей. The index specified must be a colorspace index (i.e. built with bowtie-build -C, or bowtie will print an error message and quit.

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