Подробную инструкцию по прошивке gm spark reloaded

You are now ready to begin configuring your basemap, or you can load one of our start up maps to help get you going in the right direction. . This can be done by right clicking on the USB adapter’s assignment, tabing over to Port Settings, Advanced, and then specifying a different, lower port number. You will have to click ok twice and close the dialog box.It will ask you what device you are using. If it does not automatically detect this, select MicroSquirt Module.

Open this folder, and then open the firmware loading program installed called “ms2loader_win32.exe” (for Windows – you’ll also find similarly named programs for Mac OS and Linux). If you are prompted by the ‘windows nanny’. Click Run.This program will prompt you through the process. You should have soldered a 2-pin male header into the boot jump pins during assembly. This can include PDA synch applications that may use a COM Port.Step 4 — Flashing the DIYPNP FirmwareOpen your C/Program Files/MegaSquirt directory and browse over to the firmware folder that you installed above. Generally speaking, you’ll want to choose the newest version of the firmware at the bottom. This is not the same as a cased MicroSquirt or an MSPNP – these have slightly different pin naming.After the above prompt, the next prompt will ask about debug options.
The program will first scan available COM ports. If it does not find one, you’ll need to open up your Windows Device Manager, and check under Ports (COM & LPT) the port assignment of your USB adapter. We recommend setting the USB adapter to COM4 or lower for best results.

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