Пароочиститель steam buggy gu-01a инструкция

пароочиститель steam buggy gu-01a инструкция
Press the iron against the fabric and push it across smoothly to remove wrinkles. Read labels on your clothing, drapes and other fabrics before using the Steam Buggy, so you’ll know the best setting to use. WarningDo not disconnect the steam control handle or iron when steam is being released. The attachments are a Squeegee, scrub brush tip, upholstery and floor brush, clothing steamer and two extension tubes. Insert the male plug located at the base of the hose of the steam iron into the Steam Buggy.

The Steam Buggy uses attachments such as a Squeegee and a brush. It also has an extension wand to help reach ceiling fans and heating and air conditioning ducts. Press the power switch to the «Off» position to turn it off. Insert one end of an extension tube into the steam hose nozzle. You can use the nozzle by itself to direct steam to places you want to clean, or add an extension tube and an attachment. Wait five minutes until steam stops before disconnecting or changing attachments. Wait about one minute for it to warm up, and then squeeze the steam trigger on the handle.
Unplug the Steam Buggy’s power cord if it is not already unplugged from the electrical socket. Lift up the door on the front of the Steam Buggy and then press the release button to remove the steam hose and detach. Line up the hole on the attachment you want to use with the protruding button on the extension tube until it locks in place.

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