Omega sp40/2 инструкция

omega sp40/2 инструкция
Back home… When I got back in the shop, stripping and cleaning the CZ was easy enough. The CZ barrel simply wiped clean with some M7 Pro and a microfiber cloth. The beavertail isn’t really necessary for a 9mm chambered pistol, but is appreciated when unholstering as it provides the same index each time. Since it has been well documented that the average gun-owner does more harm to a firearm while cleaning it than actually shooting, I try to stick to the basics. For those who know me or are familiar with my other TTAG reviews, I don’t much care for DA/SA guns with safeties. Other agencies claimed that semi-autos weren’t reliable enough.

The decocker allows an easy and safe way to prepare the pistol for carry. Fully loaded, the SP-01 Tactical carries a “Farago Approved” 18+1 in 9mm. Ergonomics * * * *Probably the skinniest double-stack 9mm I’ve ever shot.

One thing I did notice was that the slide is very stiff – particularly for a gun that I would consider to be “broken in”, and that chambering a round takes quite a bit of grip pressure. Whether due to design or the sheer weight of this pistol, it cycles reliably and flawlessly. Instead, the CZ’s trigger has a little bit of “squish” just before breaking. In either mode, the trigger isn’t difficult to master, and I was quickly getting tight groups in both DA and SA mode. The beavertail also provides a nice “pinch” in the web of my strong hand, increasing the speed and accuracy of follow-up shots. The frame and slide both have a little mark on each. Not “rotate this lever and your done” easy like a SIG or XD/XDm, but easy nonetheless.

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