Moultrie game spy m 100 купить инструкция

They also don’t include a lot of unneeded accessories or features, which is why wireless functionality is not add by default. There’s barely any blurriness in the daytime pictures. Camera Settings Use the full array of Moultrie game camera settings to customize your final product. White, or incandescent, flash can capture full color pictures at night with better resolution and quality than infrared cameras. Consumers can depend on 13,000 images per battery life, and for video it maxes out at 720p HD video.

Each time we called, we were able to speak with a representative fairly quickly who answered all of our questions. Both 990i and 1100i are “no Glow” invisible cameras. They are very much traditionalists, and proud of it. The game camera has a one-year limited warranty, which hopefully you won’t have to use.

The brand has gained a strong reputation for making high quality trail cameras. For the “Pro” of the game, Moultrie has cameras that come with sophisticated functions and features that complete your hunting experience. Over time they have started offering HD versions of their cameras that give consumers some of the best shots available day or night. The time-lapse photography feature allows you to specify when you would like footage captured, such as 30 minutes before dawn to 30 minutes after dusk, occurring every 10 minutes, or for only a portion of the day between specified hours. This offering from Moultrie has become a popular trailcam solution due to the fact that it provides so much value and quality for a relatively low price tag.

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