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Anyone with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software can view PDF files downloaded from the Web. If your computer is not equipped with Acrobat Reader, please download it by clicking here to view those files. These will prevent any oil residue reaching the countertop. Remove these screws and the feet and you’ll be able to take off the base of the electric deep fryer to expose the electrical workings inside. Niektóre akcesoria i funkcje mogą nie być dostępne w wybranych krajach lub mogą być poprawiane wraz z nowymi wersjami produktu.

Remove the wires leading to it, then loosen and remove the element itself. Precisa do Adobe Acrobat Reader para fazer o downlaod dos ficheiros em PDF. Se não tiver o Acrobat Reader, faça o download clicando em aqui para poder visualizar os ficheiros. Look at the back of the unit and you should see a red reset button. If this is popped over, the rest has been tripped. Fit the new thermostat in place and tighten the nut to hold it securely.

Removing the Thermostat Locate the thermostat. It will be held in place by a nut, and have two wires that attach to it. Start by unscrewing the wires and pulling them away from the thermostat. Fryer Won’t Heat If your electric deep fryer won’t heat up when you switch it on, there could be a few possible causes.

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