Моторола р 080 инструкция

моторола р 080 инструкция
Работа в составе систем связи SmarTrunk IIT . Расширяет возможность использования радиостанции за счет установки платы SmarTrunk IIT. Режим связи через ретранслятор и напрямую. The Synergy V (Model RC-U62CDR) comes LOCKED in the CABLE mode. to unlock, see Mode Lock Pressing : Illuminates selected electronic device being operated, in this case the [CBL] button. This circuit is especially useful in curve tracer applications. 2-32 MC1408 • MC1508 APPLICATIONS INFORMATION (continued) FIGURE 33 — ANALOG DIVISION BY DIGITAL WORD FIGURE 34 OF TWO DIGITAL WORDS This circuit yields the inverse of a digital word scaled by a constant.

Type in the code 994. The selected device key will blink twice. Type in the code 00179. Press whatever button you want to map the 15-second back command to (ex: A / Lock). The «Cable» button will blink twice if successful. Full scale output may be increased to as much as 32 volts by increasing Rq and raising the +15 V supply voltage to 35 V maxi- mum. Either the positive or negative input of the reference amplifier may be used, depending on the application.

Tight voltage tolerances are achieved by on-chip trimming. You can find information on programming these remotes at . The turn off is typically under 100 ns. When high, data outputs are in the three-state mode, and other digital inputs are ignored. R 13 Read — TTL Input. Pressing : Navigates on-screen menus, program guide, PPV events and interactive services. This parameter is the best overall indicator of the device’s performance. LSB — Least Significant Bit. It is the lowest order bit of a binary code. LINE REGULATION — The ability of a voltage regulator to maintain a certain output voltage as the input to the regulator is varied.

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