Mini pedometer with two keys инструкция

The device will set automatically once you stop entering numbers. Granted, the Vivofit 2’s screen makes the Apple Watch look like a 4K TV’s, but notifications are a pretty handy feature, letting you check information while still working out. Use the “Up” and “Down” arrow keys on the front of the display to change the number on the display to your stride calculation.

A simple, discreet way to track your day. Keep holding the sucker down and it’ll cycle through a new set of options to perform tasks like pairing and syncing the device, along with a handy stopwatch timer feature, which, like the backlight, is new. The clip is made of silicone and metal. Press the “Mode” button on the face of the pedometer. The device’s sleep tracking is fairly limited, as well, owing, no doubt, to the lack of built-in heart rate and skin temperature monitors.
Even then the band is pretty difficult to accidentally knock off. This will enter the device into the set-up mode. This is the distance you walk in 10 average steps. Continue pressing until “Calorie” mode shows on the display.

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