Магнитола jvc-kd-avx33 инструкция

магнитола jvc-kd-avx33 инструкция
Search speed: x2 ] x5 ] x10 ] x20 ] x60 Slow motion speed: 1/32 ] 1/16 ] 1/8 ] 1/4 ] 1/2 Search speed: x2 ] x10 Stop playback. Фирма: JVC Наименование (марка): KD-AVX33 Краткая характеристика: CD+MP3+DVD Год выпуска: 2007 года Стоимость: 16023 руб. | Эта модель автомагнитолы сейчас уже не производится. В нашем интернет магазине ее нет. Folder List My Best Cinema Pops My Best2 Favorite Song Cinema2 Folder List appears. • Hold the button to see the next/previous folders.

Search for a service you want to preset. DAB1 Service Label No Serv. No Serv. • Preset List can also be accessed through = (☞ right). Select a preset number. Page 50 Menu items Aspect* Language* Time Set 12Hours/24Hours OSD Clock Clock Adjust* Time Zone* DST* (Daylight Saving Time) Not adjustable for audio sources. Use … Page 34: Using The Bluetooth Cellular Phone Using the Bluetooth cellular phone Adjust the volume POWER]ON Dial Menu Press: Display < > Answer incoming call Redial Hold: Display < > list Select “Bluetooth Phone.” Ÿ Enter the menu. Check the following points before calling a service center.

When an FM stereo broadcast is hard to receive AV Menu… Page 11 Tuning in to stations with sufficient signal strength This function works only for FM bands. Для чего все это нужно? JVC KD-X220 получил поддержку протокола Android Open Accessory, что дает возможность пользователям слушать музыку без всякой настройки. Start playback/Pause (if pressed during playback). Page 20 While playing… Back/advance the scenes by 5 minutes. Page 33 Connecting a special device Perform steps 1 to 3 of “Registering using ” on page 32, then… NEW DEVICE Dial Menu Message Open Search Special Device The unit displays the list of the preset devices.

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