Lego chima 50006 инструкция на русском

lego chima 50006 инструкция на русском
The packaging damages Lavertus’ cape by bending it. The theme also contains a playable game called Speedorz. The Eagles and Gorillas stay with the lions. As conflict spreads, the fate of CHIMA hangs in the balance. These are all Lego Legends of Chima sets.

The animals fight for control of a natural resource called CHI, a powerful element that is both a source of life and potential destruction. All products[edit] There are 24 standard sets, 16 bonus sets, 1 DVD, 3 video games, 4 key chains and 4 weapons. Remove the custom ad blocker rule(s) and the page will load as expected. Cragger says to Laval: «I have ‘Unleashed The Power’!» Then, Cragger goes crazy and runs all over the place. Meanwhile in the world of Chima™… The heroes of Chima™ managed to find the legendary Fire tribes and the Fire Wings in order to spark a Great Illumination. They were all healed of their corruption, and the ice that covered the world of Chima disappeared.

King Crominus, Cragger’s father, and Crunket, Cragger’s mother, go to the Lion Chi temple to recover their son, but it turns to a heated debate. Peace had yet again returned to Chima! We hope you had a blast powering up using CHI. Now it is time for a new adventure. Laval, Cragger, Eris, Razar, Worriz, Gorzan, Skinnet, Rogon and Bladvic’ are friends at first.

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