Leader pumps ecomatic инструкция

leader pumps ecomatic инструкция
Pumps can be operated in manual mode for system commissioning and fault finding. Automatic start and stop by simply opening and closing the tap. The most important argument in favour of in line salt water electrolysis is the high quality of water obtained as well as the operating savings that can be achieved in the longer term.

Safe For Your Bathers. No need to store and handle pool chemicals. No chlorine odours and irritations to the skin, eyes or nose. Designed to automatically start and stop the pump when taps are opened or closed. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

EcoMatic Commercial Chlorinators primarily consist of a single phase power supply, control panel and an electrolytic cell. Additional advantages both operational and financial, justify the increasing popularity of the EcoMatic Commercial System. Uses up to 75% less salt and it’s new dial control system is easy to set and operate. Robust power supply and cabinet for heavy duty applications and long service life. All alarms will activate an alarm light, buzzer and a building management system (BMS) output. The Davey SumpMaster controller can control one or two pumps with the assistance of float switches.

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