Контроллер harsen gu641b инструкция

контроллер harsen gu641b инструкция
Low Voltage Failure After safety-on delay timing over, controller has tested generator output voltage low than “Gen. low voltage failure”, after delay engine confirmed stop, LCD status file display “WARN: GEN. V LOW”, buzzer alarm, failure relay close output. Optional kinds of built-in LOP sensors in controller. Using it, the control device that manufactured by different manufacturer can connect to industry network, processing concentration monitor. NormalLED illuminates, the GCB close/open relay will not be closed automatically.Press the “C/O” button of Gen to close the Gen switch manually, Gen is on load, the Gen Aux.

When in parameters setting mode, this button is used to increase value / scroll down menu. MAN Mode Button / LED / “-” Value Decrease The push button is used for selecting “manual mode”. When the controller is running in MANUAL mode, the LED above the push button is illuminated. Low Oil Pressure After safety-on delay timing over, controller has tested engine oil pressure reduced to oil pressure setting alarm value, LCD status file display “WARN: LOW OIL PRESSURE”, buzzer alarm. When slave send out response message, it will put itself address into response address field, in order to master know which device send out response. The GCB closed LED flashes and the buzzersounds.MCB FAILURE: If MCB close/open relay is closed, the timer for MCBclosing is activated, when it times out, if the controller does not receivethe feed back signal from Mains Aux. Switch’s contact feedsback the signal to a configurable input on our controller.

Switch closed low level is active 11 Gen Aux. When the engine speed reaches the crank cutout RPM, the start relayoutput is de-energised and the safety-on delay starts. Flexible equipped with RS485, RS232 and USB, realizing remote monitor; or communicated with PC, fully realizing functions of remote signaling, telemetering and remote control, can read and set the running parameters of controller. When it times out, the fuel relay output is energised, and operatesthe fuel solenoid of the engine. The message data field sent out from master to slave including additional message: slave must use this message to implement action that defined by function code.

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